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Thanks for coming to read what we have to say, we appreciate it.

During the pandemic a lot of small businesses have been hit hard. Although you hear in the news that a lot of online shops are doing well, as people are purchasing more online, this isn't always the case. Stats are often lumped together with the massive online market places, who are doing well, really really well! For example a large percentage of our business was live shows, Grand Designs, Country Living, and Spirit of Christmas etc, this has all stopped this year and I am sure this is the case for many small businesses.

What we are asking by saying 'Join The Campaign' is not that you have to signup for anything, or register your interest, but we just ask that you consider when buying 'is there a local business I can get this from?' We aren't even necessarily talking about our own business, it can be anyone. In all honestly a lot of the time the products you buy on the big online retailers are sold via their marketplace by smaller companies and even come from the same warehouse, but these big retailers will take a cut. If you buy directly you often will pay the same price, but it will be supporting a local business by channeling the money to them rather than to big US corporations. 

Please feel free to contact me if you want to talk about any of this, I often personally answer the email address. Thank you for reading




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